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This year aside from many successful social events, we have more recently gathered around topics such as the future of the European Commission, the Green New Deal and AI and the ethical digital industry in Europe! Check our more detailed archive of events down below to discover our work!

23 JAN

66 days before brexit 

How will the withdrawal agreement's approval or disapproval change the relationship between the UK and the EU and between the UK and Belgium?

These questions were addressed by our speakers from the British Embassy Belgium:

Rhian CHECKLAND, Deputy Head Political, Economic and Public Diplomacy

Alan CAMPBELL, Deputy Head of Mission

Danyal SULEMAN, from the UK Representation to the EU

19 feb

about balconies and utopias

Under the motto „MyEurope – My Story“ the Austrian Embassy Brussels, the Club Alpbach Brussels and the European Forum Alpbach have put together an interactive discussion bringing together young European thinkers with politics in order to open a discourse about the future of the EU. The question of the evening was: What’s your story for Europe?

On stage: Ulrike Guérot (European Democracy Lab), Milo Rau (Theatre director of NTGent), Markus Ferber (Member of the European Parliament) and Annamária Tóth (European Forum Alpbach) as well as a free seat for everyone who would like to share his utopian vision for Europe.


12 dec

MONthly social 

First monthly social organised by the new team at the bar Le Grand Central!

17-19 Nov

Forum Alpbach network fall conference in bolzano, italy

CAB took part in the preparations of the European Forum Alpbach 2019 by going to the Forum Alpbach Network weekend in Bolzano, Italy.

21 Nov

Too Big to Succeed?Completing the banking union

CAB x Raiffeisen Bank

The EU's response in avoiding another crisis: the establishment of the Banking Union. Although there has been significant progress over the past years, final elements of the Banking Union's architecture are still under construction. 

How can the EU finalise its efforts to strengthen the banking sector in order to avoid another banking crisis?

Paul Pasquali, Head of the Group Governmental and Public Affairs at Raiffeisen Bank and Volker Heegeman, Head of the Legal Department at the European Association of Co-operative Banks, join CAB to discuss issues surrounding the Banking Union.

11 OCT

EU-citizen involvement in Brussels local elections

CAB x Volt party

For the first time pan-European party Volt België-Belgique-Belgien participated in the Brussels elections. Our speakers Zlatimira Colova and Omri Preiss (Volt candidates Ixelles) came to CAB to discuss their involvement in the Brussels' elections and local politics.


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